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How Dirty Did Your Toilet Really Get – Do You Need Sanitation Services?

Published by 911 Restoration Fremont County on March 30, 2022 in category: Sewage Backup Cleanup

fire safety with patio heatersAdequate toilet hygiene and sanitation are cleanliness 101. These are the basic necessities that, if followed regularly, can easily help prevent illnesses and the spreading of diseases. However, not everyone is keen on high maintenance for their toilets.

In fact, according to World Health Organization, almost 2.4 billion people don’t even have an improved sanitation facility available for them.

Therefore, it is only a reasonable argument for those with sanitation services available to use them adequately and suffice the cleanliness and hygiene. After all, such contaminations can easily become a source of infectious diseases and the spreading of germs. 

Hence, certain steps can easily help you maintain your toilet hygiene and sanitation by minimizing the risks of spreading diseases.

  • Put Down the Lid

All our parents have taught us from an early age as a gesture of showing respect and manners while we use the toilet. However, putting down the lid is also essential to maintain toilet hygiene and sanitation and these reasons.

In fact, if you shut down the lid before flushing, it stops the splash-back caused by the water impact. It is full of germs that can easily get on your skin and clothes and spread around the toilet area, contaminating it for other people who will use it now – making the spread and contamination easier among people.

  • Toilet Seats Need Cleaning Too

We all might be diligent in cleaning the insides of the toilet bowl – because frankly, it becomes disgusting to use after a while, and you have to be a disgusting person yourself to be okay with it. But we shouldn’t forgo cleaning the toilet seat as well. 

No matter how careful you are with the lid covering, flushing technique, or washing up after usage, a toilet seat is covered with bacteria and a breeding ground for diseases as it interacts with your body directly. 

Therefore, make no compromise on cleaning the seat thoroughly as well after you are done cleaning the inside of the toilet.  

  • Can’t Emphasize Enough on the Power of Washing Hands

If the last two years have taught us anything at all, it has to be the power of washing hands. Not just after using the toilet but before eating, doing skincare, makeup, after coming in contact with other people, etc. 

You really cannot emphasize enough the power of washing hands as to how effective the remedy has been shown against Covid-19. 

Therefore, even though the case count is going down and the world has reopened to new ventures, do not stop washing your hands religiously. Carry a pocket sanitizer to use after a public toilet just to be on the safe side.

  • Dry Hands before Stepping Out

Water is one of the most common ways of spreading germs and diseases. After all, many severe ailments spread through bodily fluids of liquid category. Hence, it only makes sense to dry your hands completely before stepping out of the toilet. 

Whether you use the drying towels, paper towels, or the automatically mounted air dryer, the idea is to have dry hands before you step out, and that should be accomplished. 

Moreover, as we mentioned above, it is better to use a pocket sanitizer because doorknobs and handles also carry germs that you will come in contact with AFTER washing your hands.

  • Keep the Bathroom Floor Area Dry

It is crucial to keep the bathroom floor area dry for similar reasons as mentioned above. Think about it that it only makes sense that when your hands are dry as you step out of the toilet, so are your shoes or slippers. 

Otherwise, carrying the wet footwear outside will easily carry the germs contained in the toilet and spread outside. 

Another way to absolve this issue is to have spate footwear for the toilet and outside. Your bathroom slippers will greatly help you reduce the chances of spreading diseases, even if your bathroom floor area is wet.

  • Utilize Professional Sanitation Services Regularly

Last but certainly not least, make a habit of utilizing professional sanitation services every now and then. This regular habit will greatly help you make better choices for your health and hygiene. 

A professional sanitation and cleanup service provider would deep clean your entire bathroom, including the toilet. They would check for sewage mold and even disinfect the bathroom to reduce any and all chances of contamination. 

Hence, doing this once a month or once every two months regularly makes sense.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the importance of toilet hygiene and sanitation, we hope you become consistent with taking care of it personally. Moreover, if you are looking for professional sanitation and disinfection solutions, then hit 911 Restoration of Fremont County

We provide cleaning services to residential alongside commercial properties like offices, churches, schools, warehouses, and retail buildings. You can count on our sanitization and disinfection technicians for the best answers and solutions to your problems.

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